The Next Evolution of Tennis

The Next Evolution of Tennis


Get rid of the second serve.  There I said it.  I realize I just committed blasphemy, but hear me out.  I think we should change the game to give only one serve for a couple of reasons but mostly because it will make the game more fun to watch.

I found a picture where he was hitting a shot other than a serve, Hooray!

No offense to John Isner and Kevin Anderson but watching them ace people half the time and win service games so often makes it less fun to watch.  I do credit them with taking the most important shot in tennis and using it to become great players but it takes a lot of the drama out of the game.  If Isner breaks once in a set he wins that set almost all of the time, if he is broken once he loses that set almost all of the time.  That is a credit to him for being able to hold so frequently but if he goes up 4-2 you can stop watching until the second set, because there is so little chance for the opponent to break back.  I want to be clear, Isner and Andersen are not the enemies of tennis and this change is not aimed at them.  They are just the clearest examples of who it would hurt the most.  Isner wins 93% of his service games ( and he could still come close to that as he has one of the best second serves too, but I think it would be worth trying out.

Not having two serves increases the pace of play as well, you get to see more action instead of watching nadal pick his but another time.  It will make it faster pace and get back to action quicker and without the first serve there will be more action.  Serves will be attacked more than just defended against and it will create more fun exchanges.  This is the next evolution of tennis and it will be fun.

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