The Best Ball Machine for College tennis programs

The Best Ball Machine for College tennis programs

While every college tennis program is different MatchMate developed a ball machine to suit the needs of the college program.  We wanted to create a ball machine that is reliable and accurate but can customize to each member of the team as well as give the coach options to make a program that he feels a player might need to work on.  That was the goal with the machine and a number of programs have been using the machine to improve their performance.

Here are the features that make it the best for collegiate programs:

Every tennis club is different so there is not just one best ball machine for a tennis club although if you have one that can do everything that works very well.  The MatchMate Precision Tennis System (PTS) is ideal for tennis clubs due to the following factors:

  • Battery and plug in operation – Universities may or may not have an outlet so having the option to run on battery and then charge it after practice was one thing we made a priority. You can also plug it in if that is an option so it does not run down the battery.  Having both options makes the PTS a great fit for any college program.

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  • Consistency and accuracy – College tennis boasts some of the best tennis in the world outside of the ATP and WTA tours and they want a ball machine that can do what it promises as well. Accuracy and consistency is the hallmark of a good college player so we wanted to make sure that our machine was capable of that as well.  With the Precision Tennis Systems linear actuators it is the most accurate ball machine there is.  There will still be some misses due to excessively flat balls, but you would know that is the reason and not just learn to live with inaccuracy.  It really is a game changer for those who have used ball machines and finally lives up to what we expect out of a machine.
Novak Djokovic

Consistency and accuracy are his middle name (I got this off wikipedia so it may not be true)

  • Performance – The Precision Tennis System can do anything you want out of it, this is great for follow up to matches so the coach can program in shot sequences that the player(s) had trouble with and can be over on their side of the net to explain the footwork and body positioning needed. Also, if there is a pattern that you want the student athlete to get more experience executing this machine can do that for them.  Also, I find it gets the young players thinking more about patterns while they are programming in something they want to work on.  This was not exactly the goal and some players already do this really well, but for some it starts opening up a level of strategy that they had not considered.

    Is quality over quantity because it is higher, or is it quantity over quality because it is on top. WTF stock photo?

  • Durability – A tennis program doesn’t want to spend a couple thousand dollars just to have to turn around in 2 years to have to do so again. The PTS uses high grade aluminum as the casing and has the highest quality motors for durability, the unit is expected to last no less than 5-10 years depending on usage rates.

The Precision Tennis System really is a great value as you get a remote with the system (a tablet with a keyboard) and it has everything you need.  A lot of other companies get you with a low initial price but then you have to purchase a bunch of basic add-ons (Lobster is the worst with this) like a remote to use the machine.  The PTS is the one machine that can do anything a college coach wants out of ball machine, visit to schedule a demo today.


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