If you are experiencing a problem with your Prince, SAM or Match Mate tennis ball machines, please utilize this procedure so that we can better serve you.

    Approximate Date of Purchase

    Upload Photos of the Issue

    Use this to send us pictures of the problem.

    Please upload any pictures or videos to assist our technical staff in diagnosing your issues. Photos or videos are required. There are no returns on any replacement parts if pictures or videos are not submitted before ordering.

    If you send your machine to the factory for repair, please follow these guidelines:

    • Submit a trouble ticket on this website.
    • Once you receive your trouble (order) ticket number, write the number on the outside of the box you are sending the machine in.
    • On a separate sheet of paper, please write the ticket number down with your contact information and a detailed description of the problem or print out your confirmation email you will receive back when you submit this form.

    There is a minimum of $59.00 bench fee for all repairs. This covers the initial troubleshooting analysis. Match Mate Tennis will give you an estimate and will need your approval before starting any service on your machine. No COD’s will be accepted.

    If your machine is under warranty, please refer to the back of your owner’s manual.

    • Be sure to note your order number in regards to service related issues.
    • Please provide your trouble ticket number (order number) in your email.
    • Photos may also be sent to sales@staber.com

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