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  • PDB offers off-court development.
  • Wireless synchronization
  • Database driven
  • Create and edit every Practice Design
  • Create and edit every Stroke Sequence
  • Intuitive Graphical Interface
  • Set of predefined Practice Designs – Including USTA NTPR 2.5 to 4.5 Rated Practice Designs!
  • Practice Design can have Multiple sets of stroke sequences
  • Specify the PD descriptions
  • Specify the number of repetitions
  • Specify the start and delay times
  • Builds a permanent database record of selected stroke sequences.
  • Each rectangle gives editable default stroke definition for Feed, Spin, Speed, Elevation, Sweep or Random Sweep.
  • No artificial stroke definition limits!
  • All default strokes are editable!
  • Specify the number of repetitions
  • Specify the delay between repetitions
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Product Description

A remote-controlled tennis ball machine that remembers practice simulations and delivers high precision in every shot, which will help you improve your game! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll love being able to program your practice drills and stroke sequences and sync it up to the machine so it knows exactly when to activate. The program is easy to use and can store unlimited ball drills, whether you use a pre-set design or you create your own.

Our new Precision Tennis System was designed by a former aerospace engineer and tennis enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in software engineering. He envisioned a machine that had pre-programmed practice designs and the ability to control from anywhere on the court.

It is not just a tennis ball machine. The PTS is a programmable, high precision delivery system that can deliver any shot to any position accurately.

The PTS is 32x31x26 and weighs 62 pounds.

Part Number TBM-300


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