Precision Tennis System Partner

Precision Tennis System Partner

Introducing the all new PTS partner, it brings the same elite level software and hardware at a budget friendly price.  This adds to the Precision Tennis System family and gives a machine that is more accessible to high school and college programs as well as the personal user who wants a high level machine.  To be able to bring the PTS Partner for a more affordable price we had to scale down the memory for the software, but you still get a very robust software package.  In fact, you get more from this software than even the highest level machines at other companies.


Precision Tennis System (PTS)

Tennis Ball Machine

PTS Partner

Lobster Phenom II Playmate Genie Wilson Portable
Cost: $3995 $2995 $3595 $6945 $11,495
Portable Portable Not Portable Not Portable Portable
# of shots in Program: Infinite 72 6 7 6
Programs Stored: Infinite Infinite 12 7 9
Cost of Remote:


Free $300 Included $200
Cost of Cover: $50 $50 $99 $99 $35

(Information taken off of Tennis Industry Magazine)


If you would like to test out the PTS partner come down to our office and we would be happy to let you run through the top level software and see what you think.  Call us at 1-800-848-6200 for a test run today.



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