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This is a great time for tennis, it is starting to get warmer so we can finally play outside (I know this is just a northerner concern, count your blessings warm weather people).  There is some great team tennis being played and I wanted to put out a few links that do a great job of covering tennis and making it easier for us to follow along.


Division III tennis, if you like tennis this is one of the best blogs, but if you have no connection to d3 tennis it might take a while to get familiar.


College Tennis Today – Bobby used to be more active, so this year wasn’t as amazing as it has been in the past but very good for staying on top of d1 college tennis.


Schmidt Computer Ratings – This is for people who play USTA league tennis and wont really make sense to anyone else but if you care about these things, it is one of the best


Tennis League Stats – Very much the same vein as Schmidt, this site gives you insight (you like that, site gives you insight? Come on that is good stuff) into your USTA rating


Tennis Recruiting Network – Great articles about college tennis and supports the Zoo tennis blog as well which follows the top juniors.  Keeps track of all the college program signings.


Ohio Tennis Zone –  This one is a little more niche but since I am in Ohio and it is great, I wanted to give it a shout out too.  It follows boys and girls high school tennis in Ohio.  Cant miss if you are interested in HS tennis in Ohio at all.

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