3 Reasons the New Precision Tennis System is the best ball machine

Precision Tennis System


3 Reasons Why the Precision Tennis System is the best ball machine on the market

The new Precision Tennis System or PTS by MatchMate is the best ball machine on the market now. Finally, there is a ball machine that can do any sequence of shots that I want and it will save that sequence so I can edit or replay it later as well. While I love a good work out with random oscillation, and the PTS can do that as well, but it is great to finally be able to customize my drill session to exactly what I want. The consistency is also impressive, it rarely ever misses the target I set for it and if it does, it lets me know that the ball that it shot is dead and needs to be rotated out. Here are my reasons for saying the PTS is the best ball machine (in numbered list form, which everyone knows is the best)

PTS on blue court
1) High Grade machinery –
• High Grade Aluminum
• Top of the line drive and feed motors
• Linear Actuators – The PTS is the first machine to have linear actuators. What are linear actuators you say, they are a component that makes sure the ball is going to exactly where you programmed it to go. This makes the Precision Tennis System the most accurate and consistent ball machine on the market today.
2) Intuitive software with unparalleled depth –
• Personalized stroke programs
• Unlimited storage for custom programs
• Custom patterns developed by you
• Random pre-programmed robots to challenge you at any level (you can select your USTA level and it will open up the speed and feed rate to match that level)
3) Features –
• AC/DC operation, so you can use it without a cord or with depending on what you need
• Easily stored, its small cube shape makes it easy to store when not in use
• Tablet remote, makes it easy to operate and one of the easiest to replace remotes on the market (just need a tablet with a usb port)
• Durable, using high quality motors and metal for the casing makes this one of the most durable machines on the market
The PTS was developed because we wanted a ball machine that could do more than just throw balls at us. We wanted a system that we could personalize and do what we wanted, which was customize stroke patterns for practice. There are still the presets, I still like the baseline blitz drill for exercise and stroke work, but we wanted something that we could program and make into a stroke sequence that we had trouble dealing with and practice that and we could not find anything out there that could do that.

We welcome you to try the next evolution in tennis ball machines, if you will be in the Columbus, OH area, then reach out to us at Sales@staber.com and we can set up a demo for you to try it out.  Also check out our newest dealer and ask them questions about the best ball machine on the market:



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